1. Humpty Dumpty and friends
  2. Seasons
  3. Chinese New Year
  4. Space
  5. Water
  6. Percy the Park Keeper

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the statutory standards that all early years providers must meet. This includes all maintained schools, non-maintained schools, independent schools and all providers on the Early Years Register.

The EYFS aims to provide:

  • quality and consistency in all early years settings
  • a secure foundation for all children for good progress through school and life
  • partnerships between different practitioners
  • partnerships between parents or carers and practitioners
  • equality of opportunity for all children


Reception Baseline Assessment 

This year we will be assessing all children on entry to Reception. This is a national assessment programme and takes place within the first half term.


Tapestry Online Learning Journal

At Whitley Memorial we use Tapestry to record the learning of all the children in Nursery and Reception. Parents need to give us an email address to access their child's journal and also agree to certain rules around the use of the photographs and assessments.



Development Matters - EYFS Curriculum Guidance

EYFS Framework 2021

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Friday 17th September

Dear Parents and Carers,



We are delighted with how well everyone has settled into their new classes. The classes are;


Green Class            Nursery           Miss Dodd   (Teacher)             

                                                            Mrs Gordon  (Teaching Assistant)        Mrs Beal (Teaching Assistant) 

Yellow Class           Reception         Miss Evans  (Teacher)

                                                            Mrs Cannon (Teaching Assistant)        

                                       Mrs Dodds (Teaching Assistant)          Mrs Saddler (Teaching Assistant)



Social Distancing/Health and Safety

We are still washing and sanitising the children’s hands at regular intervals during the day. Please remind them how to wash their hands correctly and not to put toys etc in their mouths.



We will be continuing to rely on Tapestry to keep in touch with you. Also in the event of school closures we will be using Tapestry to set work for the Early Years children. If your Tapestry account is not active please see Miss Evans to sort it out!


Reading Folders

Please bring reading folders to school every day. They are very handy for putting letters and the children’s work in. The children will be able to choose library books to take home each Friday, please bring your old book then to swap. We appreciate that some of you are waiting for reading folders from Emblematic, so any bag will do for now!



PLEASE make sure that your child’s name is in all their clothing including shoes, coats and caps. The children can be very upset when they can’t find their jumpers or coats. Writing with a biro on labels works well and lasts a surprisingly long time.


Learning Together

We have started to revise and learn the Read Write Inc sounds and will be sending them home for you to practice. We would like you to bring your folders back to school by Thursday each week so that we can send the new sounds home.


Water Bottles

Please remember that water bottles should be named and contain only plain water.

Thank you      The Early Years Team

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  2. Celebrations
  3. Superheroes
  4. Elmer the Elephant
  5. Pirates
  6. Mini-beasts