1. Humpty Dumpty and friends
  2. Seasons
  3. Chinese New Year
  4. Space
  5. Water
  6. Percy the Park Keeper

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the statutory standards that all early years providers must meet. This includes all maintained schools, non-maintained schools, independent schools and all providers on the Early Years Register.

The EYFS aims to provide:

  • quality and consistency in all early years settings
  • a secure foundation for all children for good progress through school and life
  • partnerships between different practitioners
  • partnerships between parents or carers and practitioners
  • equality of opportunity for all children


Reception Baseline Assessment 

This year we will be assessing all children on entry to Reception. This is a national assessment programme and takes place within the first half term.


Tapestry Online Learning Journal

At Whitley Memorial we use Tapestry to record the learning of all the children in Nursery and Reception. Parents need to give us an email address to access their child's journal and also agree to certain rules around the use of the photographs and assessments.



Development Matters - EYFS Curriculum Guidance

EYFS Framework 2021

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Friday 7th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,



Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday. It seems as though 2022 still isn’t going to be quite as ‘back to normal’ as we had all anticipated! Thank you very much for all the kind wishes, cards and presents.


44 Books Before Bedtime

We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas Reading Challenge. Don’t forget to return your booklet by Monday 11th January if you want to be in the prize draw.



Thank you for all the lovely observations and comments you have added to your child’s Tapestry account. Please remember that you can comment or like when you have viewed an observation. We will be looking at your holiday observations in the class and the children love to see what they and their friends have been up to.



PLEASE make sure that your child’s name is in all their clothing including shoes, coats and hats. Writing with a biro on labels works well and lasts a surprisingly long time. We will be continuing to work outdoors so children need warm clothes including hats and gloves, and suitable footwear.


Starting Interest

Our starting interest this half term is ‘Chinese New Year’. We hope to be able to organise some exciting learning opportunities! Fingers crossed that we will be allowed to have parents in school again soon!


Thank you for your continued support,



The Early Years Team