Year 5 Autumn 1 2022

Wow  - What a fantastic start to the new school year this has been! Year 5 have been super busy - here are a just few highlights from Autumn 1.
In English, we have been on a journey around the earth and into space. In Reading, we enjoyed the classic story 'Around the World in 80 days' as our whole class text. In Book Talk, we also explored extracts from other classics, including 'Jungle Book' and 'The Railway Children'.  In writing, we have created persuasive travel brochures about Sicily (we really enjoyed trying some of the flavours of Italy to develop our 'taste' vocabulary!) and other favourite destinations. We also journeyed to the stars with Luna, as she dreamed of becoming an astronaut in 'One Small Step' and wrote our own space stories inspired by The Way Back Home.
In Maths, following NCETM materials, we have learned about decimal fractions, including, how to count tenths and hundredths in different ways, how to calculate with decimal fractions and used our knowledge of decimal place value to solve problems in different contexts. We have also learned about money, including converting money between pounds and pence and  the most efficient strategies when adding and subtracting quantities of money.
In Science, we have investigated Earth's place in space. We have learned to name the planets in our solar system and the movement of the earth relative to the sun. We have made functional models of the sun, earth and moon to understand orbits and rotation We have examined why we have day and night and experimented with our shadows to observe how the sun moves across the sky. We have also made moon diaries and explained how and why the moon changes.
In RE, we learned about the 'Big Story' of the Bible and thought about God's place within it. We also explored different beliefs about God using the terms 'theist', 'atheist' and 'agnostic' and thought about why some people do and some people do not believe in God. We also investigated how faith and religious belief impacts the way people live.
In Geography, we have thought about international trade and the importance of fairness. We followed the Silk Road to learn about its significance in ancient times and used atlases to identify some of the modern day countries and regions it passed through. We have learned the terms 'commodity', 'import', 'export' and compared and contrasted the commodities most frequently traded between the UK and China. We used aerial photographs and OS maps to investigate how modern trade has shaped the port of Southampton. We also learned about the impact that fair trade has on banana farmers in St Lucia and reflected on the benefits to be gained from buying fair trade goods.
In DT, we used mechanical systems to make pop-up books of our favourite nursery rhymes and fairy tales. In art, we were inspired by Retro-futurism and the work of Ties Albers. We had lots of fun collagraph printmaking and combining them with drawings to create a futuristic image.
In Music, we have learned to Rock. While appraising a range of rock classics, we have learned to sing Bonjovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer' and to play and improvise on the Glockenspiel along with the song.
In PE, we really enjoyed working with NUFC to develop our attacking and defending skills. We also developed our ball control and handling skills with Real PE. 
In PSHE, we have taken the collaboration challenge to see which team can build the tallest tower and who can work best as a team. We have learned about give and take and what ingredients are needed for a relationship cake recipe. We have thought about emotions and how to recognise our emotional needs for positive mental health.
In Computing, we have learned about systems and using search engines. We used our knowledge and understanding to help our research for our travel brochures in English.