Gibside Second Residential

22nd May 2018
Greetings from Gibside  
We all arrived safely. The weather is grey but not too cold. At least we are not getting sunburnt, just eaten by midges. A few walks up and down the avenue left some of the boys shattered.  Luckily they've revived after lunch. We are currently on the low ropes and all are having fun. Looking forward to a peaceful night! 
Mrs Hobson joined us last night for our tea of pizza and wedges which went down well but the custard wasn't so popular.  
We all had a great time shelter building last night. Mrs Hobson was competitive as always! We were out until 9. Then time for toast and juice. Bedtime came and the children were a bit noisy but soon settled down. 
The Gibside Gang. 
Greetings from Gibside 
6.00am and the noise re-started! Breakfast of bacon sarnies and now we are currently bug hunting. 
More news later.
We have just finished orienteering.  Mrs Gray's group won (of course!)! Going to the shop and play park soon. Hopefully a quieter night. 
See you soon 
The Gibside Gang