Summer 1 2023 Part 2

As scientists, we have been exploring what common plants and trees we can find in our local area.  First we learned about different types of garden plants.  Then we learned about wild plants.  We enjoyed naming and sorting them in different ways.  
We have really enjoyed learning about wild plants.  We explored our school grounds and found so many wild plants growing there.  We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the different wild plants we found.
We found out about evergreen and deciduous trees.  We loved exploring our school grounds to find out which trees were growing there.  We examined the leaves closely and used our leaf identification sheet to help us identify and name the different trees.  We found hawthorn, silver birch, horse chestnut, elder, sycamore, beech and an oak tree.  We also identified two evergreens.  We felt very lucky to have so many trees around our school.